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& clò is a brand created by women, who love fashion, but not being ordinary, each jewel is designed with the criterion of surprising the wearer and those who admire it, it all begins with an idea that becomes a design and then created by expert hands. Eclò is inspired by fashion, it goes hand in hand with the trends of the moment and often ends up anticipating them, eclò jewels are anything but common, they experiment with new coatings, new materials, new styles and combinations, always maintaining their 'preciousness 'but nothing is left to chance, at the end of the creation of a prototype the defects are evaluated even before moving on to production, in this way, the wearer is guaranteed the excellent result of the jewel itself The & clo brand is synonymous with passion , of femininity and uniqueness, a line of jewelry that bears an important name, jewelry created by those who know about fashion, but which at the same time comes from a family of experts in the goldsmith sector, because you know a fashion jewel must have both components to be defined as a 'fashion jewel'

All the jewels and packaging signed & clò are of Italian manufacturing, in 925 silver, combined with hypoallergenic and high quality materials, consequently, it meets the requirements specified in the EU regulation standard EN1811 / 2011 regarding nickel release and that the alloys from we used do not contain cadmium